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You are kept informed about the status of your accounts with these standard reports. Additional client defined reports and report writer customized reports are available upon request.


ACKNOWLEDGMENT - Confirms placements and accuracy. Lists by debtor, account number, and balance.




PROGRESS/INVENTORY REPORT - Lists all active/inactive accounts, placement date, original balance, payments, current balance, calls/letters, and status.


MONTH/BATCH ANALYSIS REPORT - Displays listed accounts, adjustments, recalled/returned accounts, settled/paid-in-full accounts, collections, collection fees, average age of accounts, and recovery percentage by month and on a cumulative basis.




CLIENT PERCENTAGE RECOVERY BY MONTH REPORT – Provides a more detailed motion picture of performance showing percentage of listed dollars recovered on a monthly basis.


CLIENT STATEMENT - Indicates who paid, how much, agency fee, current balance. Separate statements available: Direct Payments, NSF Payments, Court Costs.

RETURNED ACCOUNT REPORT - Notifies you of accounts that have been canceled from our system.


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